Scavenging the Hall: SHU Students Enter State Challenge

On Friday the 13th (oh no!) Neal McHale and I set out to do the Twitter Scavenger Hunt. What this means is we did several challenges, such as finding the best scenic spot on campus, and tweeted out photos and quotes from Seton Hall community members to #JRLWeb and #SHUsocial. Students from other schools were able to look and comment on our tweets and we did the same for them.

Shanon Maglente was our school spirit tweet. She works at the Seton Hall bookstore selling merchandise and says she likes it.

Meagan Negron and Andre Parrilla eat chicken nuggets at the Galleon cafeteria. It’s the only food option they think is edible, according to them.

Dr. Karen Boroff, Stillman School of Business, says social media changes the way we work.

Student Alex Marty holds a Setonian, which he says is the community’s source of news.

Mary Marshall and Samantha Giedris are recognized by The Setonian for their hard work and academic excellence.

Our favorite scenic spot on campus is the clock tower!

A little known fact about Seton Hall is the gated secret garden behind the church.

Alum Tim LeCras thinks there’s still hope for the Pirate Basketball players!

Silent Praise, a student organization, volunteers on campus.

Our final words of advice (our tidbit) is to not step on the seal or you won’t graduate. That’s scary!

Rebecca Barth from BGSU tweets about the snow and we respond with our own snowy campus tales.

Emilie Moy has a sculpture and bulletin board on her campus, so we responded with our campus historic clock!

Michaela from Brockport talks about the achievements of her nursing program and we responded with Seton Hall’s plans to create a medical school.

Lindsey May tweets about her football team. Although we don’t have a football team, we have an up and coming basketball team, we responded.

Paige Czyzewski says Professor Mark Brazaitis thinks social media is replacing “old town gossip.” We responded that our Dr. Boroff says it’s changing the way we work.

The best part about this scavenger hunt was running around campus and seeing all the excited students and professors doing great things. It was also fun learning about different colleges and universities from the students participating from other schools. The only challenge we faced was finding a professor on a Friday, especially one that agreed to have their picture taken!

Scavenging the Hall: SHU Students Enter State Challenge

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